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Reinventing Tea Drinking

Shaken Tea is designed to transform a traditional beverage into an exciting and refreshing adventure. It involves infusing innovative flavors, modern presentation, and a touch of nostalgia to create an unforgettable journey for tea enthusiasts

80's Tearoom inspiration

All-time Favorite Flavors

Introducing Shaken Tea, a brand that transports you to Taiwan's vibrant tearoom culture of the 80's. Inspired by the essence of that era, Shaken Tea presents three iconic flavors that have captured hearts worldwide.


Indulge in the tantalizing Passionfruit Green Tea, the aromatic Lychee Oolong, or the refreshing Strawberry Jasmine Black Tea. Experience the magic of tradition, reinvented for your modern palate.

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Citrus Cold Drinks

Tea Mocktail

Shaken Tea not only delights the taste buds but also serves a social purpose as an excellent choice for mocktails. With its captivating flavors and stylish presentation, Shaken Tea brings people together, fostering meaningful connections and supporting inclusive gatherings that cater to all preferences and dietary needs.

Herbal Tea

Real Leaf

Embracing the importance of real leaf tea is a celebration of authenticity and a tribute to the rich heritage of tea. Real leaf tea offers a depth of flavor and a sensory experience that cannot be replicated. It connects us to nature, promotes mindfulness, and elevates the tea-drinking ritual to a higher level of enjoyment.

Party at the Beach

Iced Tea for All

Shaken Tea stands out from conventional iced tea by prioritizing the intricate flavor profiles and unique characteristics of tea brews. It is a brand that aims to delight tea connoisseurs by providing a platform to appreciate the artistry of tea, while also captivating non-tea drinkers with an experience that will leave them in awe.

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